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Immunotherapy Found Most Effective in Men

Immunotherapy Found Most Effective in Men

Immunotherapy Found Most Effective in Men

Immunotherapy Found Most Effective in MenImmunotherapy found most effective in men and is available in multiple clinical trials: https://www.cancerresearch.org/patients/clinical-trials. It is a treatment process being used for mesothelioma patients and doctors are constantly researching it. They are trying to find the best way to treat cancer through immunotherapy.

A recent study conducted has shown that immunotherapy is most effective in men as compared to women. Moreover, it does not mean that it is not effective for women, but has been found immunotherapy is most effective in men . This is really an impressive new way to treat cancer that can change the cancer treatment standards. It is better to learn how this treatment works and how it how it can help to treat mesothelioma.

Recent Study on Immunotherapy

Lancet Oncology has recently published a review and analysis of the new high-quality immunotherapy clinical trials. The common question of interest was, “Is there a difference in how well women and men with cancer respond to a type of immunotherapy?”

If the samples are larger, then the researchers are able to uncover differences between the groups. In the case of the Lancet Oncology review, the sample groups were men and women who received immunotherapy. 

How Women and Men Respond to Immunotherapy

Researchers want to understand if there is a difference in the efficiency of immune checkpoint inhibitors between women and men. They want to study the overall survival rate of female and male participants. The review has included 20 high-quality inhibitors. The control trials of four immune checkpoint inhibitors:

  • Tremelimumab
  • Opdivo
  • Keytruda
  • Yervoy

All of the 20 studies included 11,351 people with solid cancer. From 11,351, 33 percent were women and sixty-seven percent of participants were men. Of which 63 percent of the people in the studies had lung cancer or melanoma. Men who received checkpoint inhibitors had 28 percent less risk of dying compared to those men who did not receive these drugs. On the other hand, 14 percent of women had less risk of passing away as compared to those women who did not receive the drugs.
The difference shows a clear response rate to immune checkpoint among men compared to women. The study shows that all the patients received benefit from the immune checkpoint inhibitors, but the response rate was higher in men as compared to women.

Should women be considered for immunotherapy?

According to Dr. Omar Abdel-Rahman, “Female patients who are otherwise indicated for treatment with any immune checkpoint inhibitor should not be denied treatment solely on the basis of these findings.”

The women with advanced cancer did not seem to get any benefit from the immune checkpoint inhibitors as compared to men.

How to Get the Most Out of Immunotherapy

Cancer care has recently arranged an hour education workshop with a panel of immunotherapy experts.

In the first part, they have presented an overview of the immunotherapy.

The second part was exclusively focused on the side effects of the immunotherapy.

They have discussed the difference between the chemotherapy and immunotherapy and also its side effect and how to address these side effects on the well-being of the patient. Immunotherapy found most effective in men but this does not mean treatment for Women should be negated as a viable option.

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