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Mesothelioma Survivor Returning to Motorcycle Racing

Mesothelioma Survivor Returning to Motorcycle Racing

Mark Martin has been racing bikes for its past 47 years.

He sees no reason to stop today.

Martin, 58, is a mesothelioma survivor who intends to race this spring in Nelson Ledges Road Course at Garrettsville, Ohio, at least for a final fling.

“It is not something that you can just walk away from,” Martin said from his house in Malvern, Ohio. “If I am physically capable — and I hope to be — I will be out there again. I am not done just yet.”

Martin, who had been diagnosed with peritoneal mesothelioma over three decades back, has suffered two important cytoreductive surgeries into his abdomen.

His first was accompanied with a painful chemotherapy regime that weakened him much. New tumor growth has been discovered a year after.

Herbal Medicine and Healthy Living

Following his second operation in October 2016 in the Cleveland Clinic, he diminished the followup chemotherapy and instead embarked on his alternative medicine regimen.

“I am like my doctor today, essentially treating myself,” he explained. “I simply hear what my body is telling me”

Martin joins an herbal supplement named Hoxsey-Like Formula, Manuka Honey from New Zealand and also”8 in 1 Mushroom Defense Mix” daily.

He purchases largely organic and eats healthy than most everybody, cutting meat out and all processed foods. He monitors his diabetes too.

And that he feels fantastic now.

“My general health has improved drastically,” he explained. “I have been packed with Western medicine and prescription medication. Healthful living, along with a wholesome way of life, can go a very long way. I am certain that’s let me attack this cancer”

And thus has riding a few of many bikes he’s parked in his garage. He’s road bikes, road racing bikes, an old dirt bike.

Martin rides among his bicycles almost every day, often with his wife Cecelia about the trunk. Their routine rides”round the block” frequently opt for 50 to 60 miles, mostly on state roads prior to returning home.

“In my head, there’s absolutely no liberty like the freedom I get from riding bikes,” he explained. “That is never changed for me personally ”

Mark Martin and his bike

Mesothelioma survivor Mark Martin with one of the bikes at the monitor.

A Family That Rides

Martin has staged because he had been 11 years old. He’s possessed an estimated 100 different bicycles in his life.

Both his brothers — a neonatal nurse and also a trauma centre nurse — hurried motorcycles competitively if they were younger, studying all the tricks in their daddy.

His youngest kid flirted with a career as a professional road racer prior to entering healthcare.

Martin, in his heyday, hurried regularly through the East Coast. The majority of his serious injuries, however, came from riding his road bikes.

During the years, he’s broken a leg, a stylish, an arm and a couple of ribs. He walks now with a pronounced limpa reminder that his life passion includes dangers. The scars on his belly remind him of everything might be brewing inside.

“I have had my ups and downs over time. I remember telling someone this particular mesothelioma was just another bump in the road for me personally,” he explained. “My street was full of potholes, but I have been fortunate enough to get a fantastic suspension”

Cecelia Gave Him New Hope

Martin almost gave up it when his cancer returned 2016.

He was only at the moment. His brothers were grown and doing well by themselves. Doctors told him that he had nine months .

Martin believed bypassing the next operation, purchasing a motor home to tour the nation with his bicycle in tow, ending all treatment to dwell on his conditions.

Luckily, he’d only fulfilled Cecelia, the new love of his life.

She also gave him hope and a reason to live. She supported the herbal, healthful lifestyle he desired to try. She left the hospital following his operation, sleeping in the recliner beside his bed.

He loves her. She enjoys everything about him, particularly his positive nature.

“If it was not for her, I would be dead now,” Martin stated. “I really don’t know whether I’d have given up [without her], however that I wouldn’t have had this extreme urge, and a motive, to keep battling. I went through the following operation. She is the best.”

Inspiring Others together with His Life

The couple purchased a house together earlier this season at a scenic, lakefront community in which he always wanted to live.

Martin has invested a lot of his time doing fix-up and remodeling job on this house.

“I tell people, when I sat down and listed all of the items, the traits, I’d want in a girl, she surpasses all,” he explained. “Everything about her is wonderful. At this time, I am living my fantasy.”

From 2019, he’s expecting to return on the Nelson Ledges track he considered a second house. He hurried there heaps of times. His brothers learned there.

As the son of a small-town ministry that gave others expect, Martin has followed his father’s lead to assisting others.

“I need to show people which you may do whatever you put your mind into doing. I have tried to be an inspiration for other people,” he explained. “If people see this older, gimpy man with a limp beating what I have been through, it may help others get through their difficulties, also. And I would like that.”

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