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About Us



Along with offering nutritional advice, I guide people to create healthy lifestyle habits and achieve physical and psychological balance. In other words, I examine your lifestyle, not just your diet, and treat you as a whole person, not just ‘parts’. I’m a firm believer in seeing clients as individuals, and customising plans to suit them.


After all, no two people are the same, so no two plans should be the same either!


As your clinical nutritionist, I can tailor a diet and help you to adjust your lifestyle choices based on your needs. There is a lot of competing information out there: one month, veganism is trendy, and the next, steak is in and carbs are the devil again. There are a million different diets and labels out there: paleo, vegetarian, Atkins, lemon detox and the list goes on. It can all get very confusing. Overwhelming, even! That’s where I come in. Our bodies are different, and it’s my job to work out what your body needs to perform at its best – and then come up with an eating plan that is not only beneficial and nutritious, but enjoyable and sustainable.

Health & Wellness